Comfort All Day in Sophisticated BENTARA Baju Melayu Nude

Do you know what our choice of outfit says about us and how it could influence our mood?

In our daily lives, we send social signals and nonverbal cues to others from what we are wearing, including the ‘colors’ we put on ourselves. Not only that, colors play an essential role in the fashion industry.

 It carries a strong connection with individuals’ well-being that there is a therapeutic process known as “Color Therapy”. This therapy has long existed, and it was a crucial medical practice in ancient Egypt, Greece, and China back then. There were rooms painted in different colors to treat ailments. Color Therapy is all about identifying and understanding the power of color caries and connecting particular colors to one’s life to aid physical, mental, and emotional illness.

Colors draw attention, evoke feelings, and establish an emotional connection with others. Nothing beats the refreshing feeling and seeing our reflection in uplifting colors. Start a joyful day by putting on a clean-looking and vivid outfit while exuding optimism and an inspirational vibe to people around you.

The Baju Melayu collection at VELRIA comes in an array of vivid colors, including the BENTARA Baju Melayu in Nude and Red, and the PADUKA Baju Melayu in Orange and Blue. The collection comes in a two-piece set, offering the utmost coziness with its loose-fit cutting and cotton material. Whether you are walking or sitting, the material allows you to move in all directions with no restrictions. The soft texture gives not only a lightweight feel but as it is made with cotton, you will definitely keep cool all day.

Among the Baju Melayu collection, our Nude color piece is one of the most recommended selection suitable for both casual and special occasions. This color is timeless, modest, elegant, and sophisticated. Its warm undertones induce warmth and comfort. As a neutral tone, Nude is agile and enormously versatile, pairing flawlessly with almost any other shades on the color palette. With this Baju Melayu, you can easily match it with accessories and a pair of shoes that come in a wide range of colors.

Minimalistic, simple elegance that combines excellent qualities of comfort. Grab yourself a set of Baju Melayu in Nude today or discover more of our collections here!

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