Ladies, The Wrong Choice of Satin Shawl Can Ruin Your #OOTD!

It comes as no surprise that satin shawls are popular among Malaysian women. A beautiful satin shawl accompanied with an equally stunning but matching outfit makes for a great #OOTD! Like cotton or chiffon georgette shawls, satin shawls come in many colors. Maroon, pastel green, powder blue, sleek black, it comes in just about any color you can possibly think of! Besides colors, there are also many different designs to choose from. Take, for example, printed shawls; they range from bold geometric designs to minimalistic lines that never go out of style. So many options to play around with!

Satin Shawl in Beautiful Rosewater

The shawl, regardless of fabric, can be styled in thousands of ways. There’s the perfect square hijab, also known as bawal style in Malaysia, the Turkish hijab style, the throwback style, the top knot, and so much more. For satin shawls, a great way to showcase its natural sheen is to let it drape slightly over to the side. It instantly brings out elegance and sophistication in your look! Overwhelmed with the amount of information on hijab styles and how to do them? A quick search will lead you to endless tutorial videos and tips to up your shawl game! 

A common mistake when it comes to satin shawls is when you over-accessorize with them. Accessories such as hairpins, brooches, and earrings all play a huge role in elevating your daily outfit. However, sometimes, less is more. Satin shawls have a smooth, silky finish and the luxurious shine is enough to carry the show! Over-accessorize and the attention will be shifted away from it. Besides that, definitely avoid matching them with the wrong outfit. Clashing color combinations or fabric is the No.1 thing all fashionistas must avoid. Imagine pairing satin shawls with denim jackets or pastel yellow satin shawls with dark green baju kebaya! Choose the right outfit while also making sure that they are breathable and comfortable and you’re set.

Sprinkle In Your Personality With A Printed Satin Shawl

At VELRIA, all our satin shawls are exclusively crafted from luxurious satin silk to ensure that you receive nothing but the best. The material is soft and smooth to touch, and durable. Besides that, our satin shawls measure 180cm (length) by 60cm (width), giving you plenty of room to try out the thousands of hijab styles that you like. Ladies, shop and explore VELRIA’s collection of satin shawls and add to cart now!

What Your Choice of Baju Melayus Say About You

I’m sure you’ve come across loads of articles related to baju Melayu, such as where it originated from, the influences on this cultural wear, styling tips for baju Melayu, or even baju kurungs for the ladies, and many more. The list goes on and on. While it holds an abundance of historical value that’s still very much appreciated by many to this day and is definitely worth mentioning, let’s switch it up and discuss something a little more fun and exciting about baju Melayus. What does your choice of baju Melayus say about you?

What is your go-to baju Melayu for Rayas, wedding dinners, or open house events? 

Do you always wear the same ol’ trusty baju Melayu that you’ve had for years, or do you like being adventurous with your choices? 

What about your color choices? 

Are you the type to put on a watch or pick out the perfect shoes to pair with your baju Melayu?

“Dress to impress”, they say. But do you know the kind of impression you give off? First of all, there are many types of baju Melayus to choose from in Malaysia. There’s the classic teluk belanga and cekak musang styles, modern sleeveless, oversized unisex, and even Kpop-inspired baju Melayus. It goes without saying that those who opt for modern baju Melayus are hip, trendy, and bold. They’re the type to gladly pick a dare in a game of truth or dare and happily carry it out with confidence. People like them can adapt quickly to changing events, and luck seems to be always on their side.

Bentara Baju Melayu Grey
Bentara Baju Melayu
Pendita Kurta Burgundy
Pendita Kurta

What about those who prefer the classics instead? Well, these are firm and passionate individuals. They know what they want and are determined to obtain it. You can easily find your abangs and pakciks rocking the teluk belanga-styled baju Melayus or the cotton-made Kurta during celebrations. They’re comfortable to wear and give off a friendly vibe. People seem to find them highly approachable yet respectable at the same time. Cekak musang styles look more formal and put together with their raised collar and form-fitting cut. If this type of baju Melayu is your go-to, you’re likely to be more reserved and demand perfection. You enjoy taking charge and have a knack for leadership roles. 

That’s not all! The colors you choose for your baju Melayus and the type of accessories you pair with your baju Melayus speaks volumes as well. Someone dressed in brighter colors with sandals will be portrayed as less intimidating and has an easy-going vibe. All in all, dress however you fancy and have fun experimenting! There’s no limit to what you can and cannot wear! If you’re struggling to find a baju Melayu that is as comfortable as it is stylish, look no further than at VELRIA. We provide premium quality baju melayus, available in both teluk belanga and cekak musang styles, that promises to deliver.

Accentuate Your Curves & Femininity With The Kebaya Saloma

Kebaya Saloma PurpleDid you know that the beloved kebaya Saloma that many wear and love today originated from iconic trendsetter Salmah binti Ismail back in the 1950s? Salmah binti Ismail, better known as Saloma, was a famous Singaporean singer, actress, and fashion icon who captured the hearts of millions in the Southeast Asia region. When the norm was to dress conservatively and “proper”, Saloma was not having any of that. She stormed into venues with her head held high in revealing tight-fitting dresses, which consequently started the “Kebaya Saloma” trend. 

The ”Kebaya Saloma” trend emphasized the beautiful curves of women with its figure-hugging style accompanied by its wide neck and revealing low back cutting. Back in those days, the kebaya Saloma typically included a front open slit on the sarong as well. Compared to the traditional baju kurungs and baju kebayas, this style of baju kebaya was highly distinguishable. The kebaya Saloma was bold, daring, and ground-breaking. If Saloma was here today, she would have been referred to by all as a lady boss. 

Even to this day, it garners global attention and continuously sparks the interests of many fashion designers. It was a no-brainer for us as well. Inspired by the ”Kebaya Saloma” trend, VELRIA wanted to provide bold yet elegant pieces to all Malaysians. Like Saloma, we want to empower women to embrace their femininity with clothing unlike any other. The way you dress can greatly influence your day and mood, take on the world with confidence! As such, we provide a diverse range of kebaya Saloma-inspired traditional wear that comes with its own little twist. Simple and minimalist two-piece baju kurungs with a subtle mermaid cut skirt, modern baju kebayas that features a fixed wooden button, baju kurungs with intricate beads, and flowers detailing, and much more. 

One of VELRIA’s many kebaya Saloma-inspired wear includes the LANA Modern Kurung. The LANA Modern Kurung  is a stunning two-piece set that provides an elegant silhouette with beautiful beadings arrangement across the shoulder. The loose-cut top paired with a slim-cut skirt helps accentuate your curves while also keeping it modest and, most importantly, comfortable to wear.
Kebaya Saloma Fashion Velria

Available in Ivory, Ink, Royal, and Gold, the kebaya Saloma-inspired LANA Modern Kurung is made from premium Thai silk that has a beautiful and natural shine to it. VELRIA only seeks out the finest materials to maximize comfort and style. Whether it is Thai silk, rayon, or cotton, rest assured that you will be going home with premium quality clothing from us. 

While our kurung may not be an Audrey Hepburn inspiration, Salmah binti Ismail’s fashion has inspired our modern kurung selection through her kebaya Saloma fashion. Check out our collection of LANA Modern Kurung and style up your wardrobe!

The 3 Main Types of Fabric Used for Kurtas in Malaysia


Kurtas are amazing versatile pieces that symbolize the magnificence of a nation’s rich and diverse tradition. In Malaysia, kurtas are mostly seen adorned by the Malays and Indians during festivities as well as casual events such as open houses and dinner parties. The nature of kurtas is that they are comfortable and highly breathable to wear. Especially for those with children that struggle with sensitive skin, you definitely do not want to cause an allergic reaction or a heat rash. Besides the style and design, the main thing to look out for in a kurta in Malaysia is its fabric. To beat the heat, Malaysian designers usually go for these 3 types of fabric for kurtas, or kurtis, its female equivalent.

1. Cotton

They’re soft, breathable, and comfortable. Cotton is the most widely used fabric in the fashion industry, regardless of apparel. They are naturally absorbent and do not cling to the skin when you sweat, making them perfect as workout clothes as well. A huge plus point is that cotton is hypoallergenic! Yes, you can rest assured that you and your children will be safe wearing cotton apparel all day long in our hot and humid weather. Cotton is hands-down the go-to fabric when getting a kurta in Malaysia

2. Linen

Linen kurtas for men are trending these days. They are simple, classy, and, most importantly, comfortable. Linens are also a popular choice for women in Malaysia. Kurtas, better known specifically for women as kurtis, are not as soft as cotton, but this fabric is exceptionally durable. A quality linen kurta can last you a lifetime and will always come out as good as new after a spin in the washer.

3. Viscose

As with cotton and linen, viscose is equally as comfortable to wear and is an excellent option for sweltering days. With its soft and silky texture, this material flatters the body’s shape while bringing out a sort of glamorous appearance.

It’s common to overlook the fabric of kurtas in Malaysia as there are simply too many different types to choose from. However, it will, without a doubt, significantly affect your experience and mood all throughout the day. Especially in this Malaysian tropical weather, you absolutely need to find yourself a kurta that’s not only versatile and stylish but also lightweight and breathable. So, we at VELRIA aspire to bring quality kurtas crafted only from top-quality European cooling cotton material. With the variety of baju kurtas offered here at VELRIA, experiment to your heart’s content with premium quality kurtas that come in distinctive styles and colors without worry.

Get Your Hands on VELRIA’s Collection of Tudung Online

We are living at the peak of technological advancement, and it’s only right to take full advantage of it. And by that, we mean online fashion shopping! It has never been easier to search for Malay womenswear and menswear such as kurtas, baju kebayas, and even shawls/tudungs online. Here at VELRIA, shop the extensive collection of premium quality shawls/tudungs that will leave you more than just satisfied. We have simple, versatile colors and detailed prints that are sure to attract and just elevate your whole outfit!


Look no further for shawls/tudungs online as you can literally find all the types of tudung there is here at VELRIA, your one-stop store for premium tudungs. Get soft and breathable tudungs from our WAFA Chiffon Collection or sleek-looking pieces from the TIARA Satin Collection. Let us go through some of the collections offered here at VELRIA and see which one suits you the best!

The DOLLY Chiffon Collection

They are soft, smooth, and lightweight. What else can we ask for? This premium quality chiffon shawl/tudung will leave you happy and comfortable all day long in the unbearable Malaysian heat. Discover this collection of shawls/tudungs online now and find your next favorite from the range of colors we offer.

The WAFA Chiffon Collection

Unlike the DOLLY Chiffon Collection, the chiffon material of the shawls/tudungs in this line has a texture and a slight roughness to it. These premium textured chiffon shawl/tudungs are not only soft and comfortable to wear but also exceptionally durable. Pull off a bold look with our stunning emerald piece or stick to our range of pastel colors for an everyday staple.

The TIARA Satin Collection

Bring out the elegance in you with our luxurious satin silk line of shawls/tudungs. Who knew you could get yourself such quality shawls/tudungs online? The TIARA Satin Collection includes only the softest material that will give you the best comfort and the perfect shine. As with all premium fabric, it is highly recommended to put in some love by hand washing them.

Besides these three collections, we also have the GEORGETTE Chiffon Collection as well as our limited editions, the L.E. WHIMSICAL Collection and the L.E. BUBBLY Collection. Our L.E. Collections are full of colors and cheerful intricate details that are sure to bring out your quirky and bright personality! Fashion them however you like, whether the classic Bawal-like style, the sleek Turban, or just neatly tucked around your neck for a formal and professional look. For those that have gotten a few tudungs online before and are worried about its durability, fret not! With proper care and love, VELRIA’s shawls/tudungs will last you a lifetime!

The Perfect Wear for the Scorching Heat in Malaysia: Kurtas

It’s not new to us Malaysians that the weather here is hot and humid all year long. On a good day, the temperature can drop to about 23°C; however, typically, it ranges from 25°C to 38°C. The highest temperature ever recorded here in Malaysia was in 1998, as temperatures hit 40.1°C. The sweat, stickiness, and smell that come with this weather are incredibly uncomfortable to deal with, and that’s why people here in Malaysia almost always opt for lightweight fabric for most of their apparel. 

You can easily spot a few men wearing kurtas in Malaysia during the festivities season. For example, during Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Deepavali, kids and adults alike get together in their kurtas to celebrate the occasion. The kurta made from soft cooling cotton material is the secret to beating the scorching heat here in Malaysia!

In our multicultural country, the kurta is commonly worn by Malay and Indian men. A traditional kurta has a straight-cut design with full sleeves and length that reaches the knees. Even though this style is still seen worn by many in the 21st century, fashion industries have modernized this cultural wear with just a touch of elegance. You can find that there are varying styles of kurtas in Malaysia today. There are knee-length, hip-length, ankle-length, and even calf-length cuts.  


Source: VELRIA

There is such an excellent demand for kurtas in Malaysia that there is also a market for women’s fashion. A kurta made for women is known as a kurti. Both kurtas and kurtis can come in various colors and designs. Some are kept simple for a minimalistic approach, while some are embroidered with gold thread for a fashionable look. The choices are limitless; you can also get them custom-made and tailored for you.

For those just looking for a quality and versatile kurta, VELRIA has released three uniquely distinctive collections of kurtas for Malaysian men; the Nastia, Kurnia, and Pendita collections. The Nastia and Pendita collection incorporates the use of a single yet stunning dress stud in their individual designs. The former has a Teluk Belanga style neckline while the latter has a Cekak Musang style collar. The Kurnia collection embraces simplicity by combining the Cekak Musang collar with three buttons that hold up the placket.kurnia-beige

Source: VELRIA

Unlike the loose-fit cutting that you can find in Malaysia, VELRIA’s kurta are definitely made to flatter the body. All the kurta collections by VELRIA are crafted from European cooling cotton material and designed to have a regular fit through the body and chest to bring out a more masculine look. Whether you’re looking to wear a kurta for the coming Raya or just to a casual open house, VELRIA has got you covered with their collection of kurtas. 

The History Behind the Baju Melayu We Have Today

Over the years, Baju Melayu as a traditional attire has developed. While retaining an homage to the traditional element, we see the design evolving over the years to take into account the changing lifestyle. Every Raya, men and boys alike get all dressed up in their Baju Melayu, looking clean and dashing. But do you know how it came about? Are you familiar with the inspiration behind the clothes you adorn yourself in every Raya?

Dating back to the 15th century, the Baju Melayu was first seen in Malacca, the most important trading port in Southeast Asia. Foreign traders going in and out of Malacca have influenced the styles and designs we are wearing and loving today. The loose-fit style, trousers, and overall elegance of the design were inspired by the Arabs, Mongols, and Europeans. 

It came in mainly two specific styles, the Cekak Musang and the Teluk Belanga. Although this traditional wear has evolved in many phases, the elements in these two styles are still very much incorporated in the Baju Melayu we have today in modern society.

Source: VELRIA

The Cekak Musang style has a raised collar with dress studs holding up the placket of the shirt. As this gives off a more classic look, this design is very much preferred for formal events like weddings or annual dinners. 

Source: VELRIA

The Teluk Belanga, on the other hand, has an open neckline that’s hand-embroidered using an eel-spine stitch pattern with a single dress stud holding the collar together in the center. This style is a favorite for kids and adults alike. They’re comfortable, and the matching trousers can always be switched out for a more casual look with a pair of jeans or slacks. 

The Baju Melayu Collection by VELRIA includes both these traditional styles with a touch of modern simplicity. Available in versatile colors, the matching set is made in the classic loose-fit cutting with high-quality cotton material, which leaves you feeling cool and comfortable all day. Check out the collection we offer here at VELRIA.

Comfort All Day in Sophisticated BENTARA Baju Melayu Nude

Do you know what our choice of outfit says about us and how it could influence our mood?

In our daily lives, we send social signals and nonverbal cues to others from what we are wearing, including the ‘colors’ we put on ourselves. Not only that, colors play an essential role in the fashion industry.

 It carries a strong connection with individuals’ well-being that there is a therapeutic process known as “Color Therapy”. This therapy has long existed, and it was a crucial medical practice in ancient Egypt, Greece, and China back then. There were rooms painted in different colors to treat ailments. Color Therapy is all about identifying and understanding the power of color caries and connecting particular colors to one’s life to aid physical, mental, and emotional illness.

Colors draw attention, evoke feelings, and establish an emotional connection with others. Nothing beats the refreshing feeling and seeing our reflection in uplifting colors. Start a joyful day by putting on a clean-looking and vivid outfit while exuding optimism and an inspirational vibe to people around you.

The Baju Melayu collection at VELRIA comes in an array of vivid colors, including the BENTARA Baju Melayu in Nude and Red, and the PADUKA Baju Melayu in Orange and Blue. The collection comes in a two-piece set, offering the utmost coziness with its loose-fit cutting and cotton material. Whether you are walking or sitting, the material allows you to move in all directions with no restrictions. The soft texture gives not only a lightweight feel but as it is made with cotton, you will definitely keep cool all day.

Among the Baju Melayu collection, our Nude color piece is one of the most recommended selection suitable for both casual and special occasions. This color is timeless, modest, elegant, and sophisticated. Its warm undertones induce warmth and comfort. As a neutral tone, Nude is agile and enormously versatile, pairing flawlessly with almost any other shades on the color palette. With this Baju Melayu, you can easily match it with accessories and a pair of shoes that come in a wide range of colors.

Minimalistic, simple elegance that combines excellent qualities of comfort. Grab yourself a set of Baju Melayu in Nude today or discover more of our collections here!

Buy it Right, Wear it Right: Baju Melayu Style Tips

Throughout the history of Malaysia, the styles of Malay traditional costume for men, the Baju Melayu has gradually evolved. This heritage wear is constantly reinvented with new twists while ensuring traditional elements remain.

Transformation did not happen on the fashion elements, but also in consumers’ behaviors. The pandemic has accelerated the shift towards digitalization and prompted changes in shopping behaviors from visiting physical retailers to shopping online. With that, we have seen concerns popping up in regards to poor-quality products sold online, buying the wrong sizes, or even having difficulty controlling spending.

So, as we shop online for our favourite Baju Melayu, Baju Kurung, Baju Kebaya or Tudung, how do we shop wisely? Here are our three tips:

1. Plan a Budget
Set a budget and do your research to avoid overspending. The best thing about online shopping is that it allows you to check and compare various shops, qualities, prices, and more.

You might have a go-to tailor for custom-made outfits. However, it is undoubtedly costly to always go for a tailor on speed dial for your outfits. While visiting bricks-and-mortar retailers have become challenging amidst Covid-19. Fret not, you don’t have to spend a ton to find unique patterns and cuttings online. Online shopping is not just convenient but provides a wide range of options for you to find the best collection that suits you. VELRIA provides a range of selection and we’re sure you can find the right fit.









2. Get the Right Fit and Right Fabric
Getting the right fit will rely on the cutting that you prefer. For the modern trendsetter, you may go for the slim fit cutting. While those who prefer a more traditional look can go for the classic Baju Melayu that features a loose fit.

The Baju Melayu collection by VELRIA combines both quality and modern elements. The collection is made in loose-fit cutting with cooling cotton fabric. The flexibility and comfort will certainly help you to stay cool all day long with ease to move around.

3. Don’t Forget the Accessories
Accessories are an important element that could help in elevating your overall look. Style up your outfit with a watch and a pair of well-polished shoes. You could also match your outfit with a plain or patterned songket and even a well-fitting songkok during special occasions such as festival celebrations and weddings.

When you’re ready after reading these few tips, head on to the wide array of VELRIA’s collections here